Nail problems (Chemo nails) are a common occurrence during chemotherapy. Some treatments can weaken your nails, while others may cause your nails to temporarily stop growing. Adverse effects can range from a purely cosmetic yellowing to painful and loose nails that are vulnerable to infection.

OnicoLife is available in drops to be massaged into the nail to control inflammation and keep the nail bed healthy.

The earlier in treatment you start using OnicoLife drops the more likely it will be that nail side effects are kept to a minimum. Damaged nails can’t repair themselves and so “prevention is better than cure”. 

However, even when you are advanced in your treatment OnicoLife has been shown to reduce symptoms and help ensure that as your new nail grows it is healthy and strong.

OnicoLife is useful for:

brittle or tender nails

nail ridges

 split nails

 yellowed or blackened nails

You should remove any nail varnish and apply OnicoLife to bare nails. This is so the drops can penetrate the nail and start working to keep the nail bed healthy and reduce the likelihood of nail problems.

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