Welcome to MosaicLife

MosaicLife provides condition and product information to people affected by chemotherapy and radiotherapy side effects. The MosaicLife website is operated by Mosaic Pharma Ltd to promote patient quality of life in the United Kingdom.

The MosaicLife website brings you products from our partners in Italy –  Again Life Italia SRL. They are the result of the latest research into the biology of the skin and based on the patented group of specific fatty acids (F.A.G.) which have been identified to naturally control inflammation and the wound healing process.

Why we are here

We think Dr Lacouture, a leading dermatologist in cancer care, sums it up very nicely…

“Cancer treatment, which commonly includes chemotherapy or radiotherapy, can be taxing physically and emotionally on any patient. If that is not enough, patients may experience a host of skin, mucosa, hair or nail problems as a direct result of their therapy. The treatment of these side effects is poor due the lack of products specifically designed for cancer patients” (Dr M Lacouture, MD, FAAD)

What we believe in

We are a small healthcare business committed to our customers well-being

  • Quality of Life

    We believe you have the right to maintain your dignity through cancer. Your quality of life is an essential and important aspect of treatment

  • Effective and safe products

    We are passionate about the benefits that MosaicLife can bring to you. Demonstrated effectiveness from many clinical studies and the glowing testimonials from our customers drives us to keep ‘spreading the word’

  • Accuracy, reliability and integrity

    During the difficult time of cancer treatment,  you should be able to take control of your own health and well-being. We believe our role is to support you with accurate and reliable product information