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People often consider whether it is a good idea to buy products on-line to help relieve treatment side effects. We believe you should…

Acknowledge Yourself: Your quality of life is just as important as your anti-cancer treatment. There is no reason for you to suffer through any added pain or discomfort or feel self-conscious if you have a noticeable side effect that cannot be easily concealed during or after radiotherapy or chemotherapy. 

Be Confident:  All products from MosaicLife are…

    • Clinically proven to be effective
    • Safe to use  – our products are registered under the European Medical Device Regulations and carry the CE mark of quality and safety
    • Specially designed for cancer patients during radiotherapy and chemotherapy

MosaicLife Guarantee: We want you to be delighted with any product you buy from us. We offer a no quibble guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

So now you can confidently take control of your own well-being and Quality Of Life (QOL) during cancer treatment.

What will my hospital say?

Unfortunately, there is no accepted standard of treatment within the NHS and patient care varies significantly around the country. Most hospitals will advise you about the side effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy and may offer basic advice and products to manage your side effects.

Often due to the financial pressures within our NHS, more and more hospitals are advising patients to take care of their own well-being during treatment.

Many hospitals are using or recommending MosaicLife products for their patients already. However, the NHS can be slow to change and your local hospital may not yet have our products available.

Always talk to your healthcare team about any side effects you may be experiencing from treatment.

Why does the NHS say use aqueous cream for my skin?

The management of radiation-induced or chemotherapy skin damage is challenging for most doctors, nurses and radiotherapists.

Clinical guidelines by The Society of Radiographers (SOR) advises that  “since skin changes can not be prevented, the goal for the patient is to delay the onset of symptoms and avoid factors that exacerbate the inevitable radiation damage”.

The SOR survey also said radiotherapy skin care appears to have changed little over the years. Many cancer centres still recommend aqueous cream despite the evidence that it is not helping patients…

A major study of 357 patients [Wells, 2004] did not find sufficient evidence for aqueous cream in preventing radiotherapy skin reactions. The authors concluded that

the use of aqueous cream is not associated with consistent harm or benefit and that patients might make an individual choice as to whether to apply it to [reddened] skin

We believe you deserve better. MosaicLife have developed a range of specialist skin care products to effectively care for your skin throughout your treatment.

Are MosaicLife products safe for radiotherapy?

The MosaicLife skin care range has been specially developed for use during radiotherapy. They do not contain any substances (e.g. metals) which may interfere with your treatment.

The specialist skin care for radiotherapy side effects and chemo side effects includes:

  • RaLife Cream – ideal for most skin reactions
  • GutLife Cream – specially for colorectal patients
  • EvaLife Cream – for gynaecological patients
  • GenLife Cream – for pelvic area cancers in men

You can view more information about the MosaicLife product range here…

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